Smiling Girl with Book

Little House on the Prairie. 


I had the whole series in a yellow cardboard box. 

Historical fiction was my favorite genre of literature

all through school, even into my teens.  You could

always find me around the house with a good book,

and I'm thrilled that my son has followed in my

footsteps...though he loves graphic novels the best!

Our children deserve classroom curriculum and school libraries full of books that inspire them.  Masterpieces old and new.  Literature that teaches students facts about our past, encourages them to think critically, and to learn about life experiences outside of their own.  Classic novels, current events, and so much in between.  Books and curriculum in which our children can find themselves represented so that they know that they have a place both in our schools and in the world we share.

In District 2, approx. 30% of 3rd grade students in Brevard Public Schools are reading proficiently.  This is why my focus as a School Board member is on putting books INTO the hands of our children.  Early reading skills lead to high graduation rates, and every child in our district deserves the best chance at success.



I support the right of our families to decide which books their own child is allowed to read at school.  After all, we know our children best!  Brevard Public Schools has had procedures in place for years for any parent who wishes to do so.


Brevard Public Schools has recently created a District Review Committee of school employees and community members/parents who will work together to ensure that the books in our school libraries meet state requirements.  I support the removal of any book that violates state statute.  Thank you to those who have stepped up to participate on this team!