Elementary Classroom

Our teachers and school staff members must be treated as professionals.

As a public school educator of 13 years, I went to college to become a music teacher.  I wanted to inspire children, give them an outlet in which to express themselves, and support them as they built confidence in their abilities. 

Experienced teachers and school staff members deserve higher pay.  While the state has supported raises for starting teachers, this raise in salary has left experienced teachers without sufficient compensation for their experience in the classroom.  When addressing raises for teachers, we must start with paying our experienced teachers what they deserve.

Teachers and school staff members must be supported in managing student behavioral concerns.  Every school should have a team comprised of administrators, social workers, guidance counselors, and additional professionals who are ready to step in and meet the individual needs of each student.  

Teachers are the experts in our classrooms and therefore are held accountable for teaching required standards.  As professionals, they should have the autonomy to structure their day to not only support academic learning, but student social and emotional needs as well.  School is so much more engaging for students when teachers have the freedom to create engaging lessons and build meaningful relationships with their students.

"You can't care about children and not care about teachers."

-Sharon McMahon