Happy Family Portrait

There are so many ways to form partnerships that contribute to the success of our schools...and of course, our students!  I am committed to building relationships that help our children thrive.


The number one indicator of a student's success in school is the direct involvement of their parents and families.


What Research Says About Parent Involvement


As a music teacher in Brevard Public Schools, I've had parent volunteers in my classroom on a daily basis...tuning instruments, creating bulletin boards, making copies, teaching choreography, and more!  As a parent I have volunteered with book fairs, sent in school supplies, and chaperoned field trips.  There have been times when I have reviewed the curriculum in my son's classroom. I truly understand the amazing benefits of parental involvement for students and teachers in our schools.

Parents are the experts on their children.

Teachers are the experts in their classrooms.

Our children are best served when we work together.

The last two years have brought many challenges to our community.  For our children to succeed, our school administrators, families, teachers, and staff members must communicate and work together to support student success. 

As a member of the School Board, I will work diligently to pursue opportunities to engage families in the classrooms and schools.


When our schools and students are successful, our community has so much to gain.  Local businesses and corporations benefit when they recruit skilled graduates from our Career and Technical Education Programs.  Mentoring and tutoring programs brings down crime in our neighborhoods and sets students up for success in school and as adults.  High performing school districts attract corporations and families who value high quality education.

Brevard County is home to the Kennedy Space Center, Florida Institute of Technology, and a robust tourism and cruise industry.  Community service organizations bring a wealth of talent and passion that our schools would benefit from.  

As a School Board member, I will seek out innovative opportunities to bring community partners and resources to our schools.