Children in Classroom

When we send our children to school, the #1 priority we all share is that they return home safely at the end of the day.  It is the responsibility of Brevard Public Schools to protect our students & staff by implementing proactive, evidence-based interventions to keep our schools safe.

Over the last few years, BPS has made many positive improvements in school security, including:

  • Partnering with local law enforcement to ensure every school has a School Resource/Security Office on campus

  • Installing security cameras with real-time connection to the district offices and local law enforcement

  • Implementing single-point entry at schools

  • Utilizing technology to allow students, staff, & the community to alert BPS to threats of violence

As a School Board member, I will strive to support and improve these efforts by:

  • Continuing to build relationships with local law enforcement

  • Auditing school security procedures with the guidance of School Resource Officers

  • Making smart, evidence-based decisions about guns in schools.


To prevent tragedies in Brevard Public Schools we must enforce strong school safety solutions, but arming teachers and school staff is not one of them.  Additional weapons on campus increase the likelihood of an unintentional shooting outside of an active shooter incident.  

National Association of School Resource Officers opposes arming teachers

I stand with the National Association of School Resource Officers in making the best, evidence-based decisions related to school safety in Brevard Public Schools.